"Listening at its finest." James McBride's THE GOOD LORD BIRD

Audiofile Magazine

"Garet goes above and beyond as a director: her passion is contagious and her attention to detail and nuance is unparalleled."

Cristin Milioti, audiobook narrator
Virals series, Apothecary series
actress How I Met Your Mother, Wolf of Wall Street, 30 Rock

 "A riveting audio thriller." James Patterson's ALEX CROSS, RUN

Publisher's Weekly

"Thanks to Kevin Thomsen and Thomsen Scott Productions, and first-rate actors, the audiobooks bring my stories to life in a way the written word alone never could."

David Baldacci, best-selling author

"I'm always grateful to get the call to read from Garet Scott.  It's a guarantee that the material will be true literature. Garet is a subtle but strong presence as a director. She trusts the reader to bring their own interpretation, and guides the reading to nuance and specificity."

Gretchen Mol, audiobook narrator
The Other Typist, Butterfield 8
actress Boardwalk Empire, 3:10 to Yuma, Donnie Brasco

Khaled Hosseini recording And The Mountains Echoed

Khaled Hosseini recording AND THE MOUNTAINS ECHOED

"This is undoubtedly the best audiobook I have gone through all year and without question will rank amongst one of the best books I have listened to in a long time!"


Teddy from the Bronx, Audible review

"Working with Kevin is like working with an evil genius, but without the evil part. Just genius."

January Lavoy, acclaimed Broadway actress
and audiobook narrator
PW 2014 Audiobook Narrator of the Year

"Kevin and Garet always make me feel like I'm in good hands. Warm, knowledgeable, professional and talented, I'm always confident that the result will be something I'm proud of when working with them."

Bobby Canavale, audiobook narrator
Richard Price's LUSH LIFE
and actor Chef, Nurse Jackie, Boardwalk Empire,
Annie, Ant-Man

"A stellar audiobook." Sue Monk Kidd's THE INVENTION OF WINGS

Audiofile Magazine

"I was completely carried away every time I listened. That's exactly what I want from an audiobook." Ken Kesey's ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST

The Leading Librarian

"Carlos Ruiz Zafón has written a masterful novel of hope, mystery, and love, made more superb on audio." Carlos Ruiz Zafón's SHADOW OF THE WIND

Audiofile Magazine

"Kevin Thomsen is fantastic to work with. He manages to be both thorough and quick, which is an amazing feat. I love this guy. If he was a stock I would push him so hard you'd think I was his dad.
Buy! Buy! Buy!"

Jim Cramer, author of INVEST CAREFULLY,
investment whiz, host of Mad Money
and Squawk On The Street

"Garet Scott and Kevin Thomsen are an incredible audiobook producing team. Together and separately they demand excellence every step of the process while also knowing how to keep things fun, creative and real. They have high standards and it shows in the end product of whatever they are involved in. Working with them I always know I will have a great time as well as be part of an excellent audiobook. I am a better narrator for having worked with them, they are excellent directors and producers."

 Orlagh Cassidy, audiobook narrator
numerous Earphone Awards
and actor Gotham, St. Vincent, Elementary, Blue Bloods

"When it comes to directing narrators, Kevin Thomsen is a multi-talented perfectionist. He brings an actor's sense of drama, combined with a director's ear for pacing, plot and story, to every project. His professionalism and rigorous standards are unmatched in my professional experience. Working with Kevin is always exhausting, hilarious, and intensely gratifying."

Michael Boatman, audiobook narrator
James Patterson's Alex Cross series and
actor, Spin City, The Good Wife, Arli$$, Gossip Girl

Garet Scott is a wonderful audiobook director. She has a great ear, and she never loses patience, no matter how many P's I pop.

Dave Barry, author

"Kevin and Garet are an audiobook producing and directing dream team. When it comes to craft, they are the masters. They are both experts at producing and delivering polished audio programs with high-quality performances inside. That is something they do better than anyone else in the business. Kevin Thomsen is the kind of producer that can make the most impossible projects come true with ease. He was someone I'd call asking for the moon and he'd deliver a big beautiful moon, on time and on budget, with stars sprinkled in. Kevin is a tireless, funny, finger on the pulse kind of producer/director who's real genius lies within his insight and ideas on how to make any program even better. Garet Scott, is other half of this power team. She is her own right, a talented award winning producer/director who can pull the best performance out of any new actor or author. She has a great eye for up and coming talent, and over the years she has mentored young actors into seasoned narrators. Together, they create beautiful programs of distinction."

Patti Pirooz, Publisher
Penguin Audio

"Working with Kevin and Garet is always a great experience. First, their directions are specific yet paint a picture for the actor, so you get a tonal feeling for what they're going after. Second, they're so smart. You'd think they wrote all the books they record. And I trust people who are smarter than me. Finally, they're funny. I think that's always good."

Richard Kind, audiobook narrator and actor
Gotham, Luck, Curb Your Enthusiasm,
Spin City, Mad About You

GZA recording Rage Is Back by Adam Mansbach

GZA recording RAGE IS BACK

"Under Kevin's direction, the audiobook for my novel RAGE IS BACK exceeded my wildest expectations. From casting to execution, he brought a unique vision and ninja-level competence to the project, and was a pleasure to work with to boot."

Adam Mansbach, author

"Kevin was an immense help in recording my last audiobook. I'm looking forward to working with him on my next book. I wouldn't think of recording it without him."

Robert Wagner, author
actor, Hollywood legend

"I've always said Kevin's sensitivity with actors and ability to cull performances are matched with an instinct for the potential of score, sound-design, and post-production to turn on audiences. But it's Kevin's intuitive and deep grasp of narrative that is truly rare and makes his work shine so brightly."

Jacob Bronstein, Executive Producer
Random House Audio, and iBooks, Apple Inc.

"Kevin's professionalism and sense of humor make quick, fun work of what can often be a tedious process. I would work with him again, even if he wasn't my good friend."

Jon Hamm, audiobook narrator
Jon O'Hara's NY STORIES, John Hodgman's THAT IS ALL actor Mad Men, Million Dollar Arm, The Town

"I have worked with Kevin and Garet for many years. They are my go-to producers and directors for the highest quality audio production. Both are past masters of casting, directing, choosing and licensing music, and creating award-winning programs with incredible finesse. Their productions are always on time and on budget, which is equally admirable. As a fellow producer, I stand in awe of what they have been able to accomplish."

Maja Thomas, Head of Production
Time Warner AudioBooks, Publisher of Hachette Audio

Dick Cavett and John Hodgman, author of THAT IS ALL"It is true that Kevin produced all three of my hilariously unwieldy audiobooks. But it would be fairer to say that he co-authored them. All the time I was saying dumb words into a can behind that glass, I never had any idea of the wizardry Kevin Thomsen was performing as I spoke, and would continue to perform until the final audio books were complete.

He directed countless different voices, both spoken and in song; and that is not to mention the sound effects, backwards tracking, and other audio gags that Kevin not merely recorded and managed but amplified with his own considerable imagination. I simply could not have done any of that without him, and not only because I do not know how to use knobs or levers. Kevin is a creative force in his own right, and I am proud to have him as a collaborator."

John Hodgman, author and comedian

Jonathan Davis and Marc Thompson recording SHAKESPEARE'S STAR WARS

"Kevin brought large doses of vision and humor to my books. What could have been mediocre audiobooks were transformed into full productions, peppered with clever winks to the listener and guided by a keen eye for storytelling. Under Kevin's direction, the audiobooks are not just recordings of the books: they are more like radio theater with all the production value you would expect from a professional. I wouldn't want my work in anyone else's hands — Kevin is a star."

Ian Doescher, author

"Kevin Thomsen's work on audio recordings of my novels really helped to bring them to life, including music and other features that drew listeners into the stories and kept them engaged. They were great productions!"

John Jackson Miller, author

"Whether I was draped in raiments or nothing at all, Kevin never batted an eyelash at my methods. A real pro."

Nick Offerman, author and narrator
actor, Parks & Recreation

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