Betty White recording If You Ask Me

Betty White recording IF YOU ASK ME

Olivia Wilde reading Nicholas Kristoff's A Path Appears

Olivia Wilde reading Nicholas Kristoff's

Sugar Ray Leonard and Kevin Thomsen recording My Life In And Out Of The Ring

Sugar Ray Leonard and Kevin Thomsen recording MY LIFE IN AND OUT OF THE RING


Voice Direction

More than getting all the words recorded. More than getting/coaxing/dragging a good performance out of a reader. Good direction helps to lift the story off the page and make it come alive. Strong creative direction transforms the audiobook from reading aloud into an exciting new way to experience the written word.


As much or as little as you require we can supply full mixes, with everything from original music to wall-to-wall sound effects to Surround Sound to foley artistry. Or we can deliver perfectly chosen and mixed ‘tops-and-tails’ music cues. The best production quality on the planet, delivered on budget and on time.


We have strong relationships with talent agencies in New York, LA, and London. We have contacts in the theater all across America, and in elite actor training programs. We delight in finding, developing and training new talent.


We can transform a book into any format you can imagine, and some you can’t. Narrative becomes dialogue. Single reader becomes multi-cast. A book becomes a sonic movie.


Both straight abridgment and abridgment after recording. We have extensive experience in recording an unabridged production and flawlessly pulling an abridged version out of the unabridged edit, saving thousands of dollars.

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